Update via cronjob under unix

So that the script will work the tools “wget, curl and host” are required.
In my example, is use a Debian Wheezy. But it should be on all UNIX systems similarly simple.

1. Install (if not already done) the required packages:
$ sudo apt-get update && apt-get install curl wget host
2. Download the script and store it in any place (in the example i store the script to “/home/”):
$ sudo wget https://dyndns.berlin/downloads/dyndns_updater_cron_en.sh -O /home/dyndns_updater_cron.sh
3. Open the script with an editor of your choice and customize the login data:

4. Make the script executable:
$ sudo chmod +x /home/dyndns_updater_cron.sh
5. Now you can create a cronjob for any user which executes the script (in this example) every 10 minutes:
$ sudo crontab -e -u stefan
*/10 * * * * /home/dyndns_updater_cron.sh

Check if all goes well, by running the updater manually:
$ /home/dyndns_updater_cron.sh -d
After about 1-2 minutes your DynDNS should be up to date.
If not, Check the settings in the script (point 3).

If you need assistance, contact us via our forum.