Update via ddclient under unix

1. Install ddclient
$ sudo apt-get install ddclient
2. Choose “other”

Package Configuration 1

3. Dynamic DNS Server is always "dyndns.berlin" (even if you’ve decided for "free-dyndns.org")

Package Configuration 2

4. As “Dynamic DNS update protocol” choose "dyndns2".
5. Username = Your username on dyndns.berlin
6. Password = Your password on dyndns.berlin
7. As Interface type in "eth0". We must change these setting anyway later in the configuration file.

Package Configuration 3

8. The “DynDNS fully qualified domain name” is your full dyndns e.g. "test.dyndns.berlin" or "test.free-dyndns.berlin".
9. Open the ddclient configuration file ("/etc/ddclient.conf") with a editor of your choice.
Change the following row:
"use=if, if=eth0" to
"use=web, web=dyndns.berlin/ip"
and add the following line:
10. To finish the configuration and apply the new settings restart ddclient.
$ sudo /etc/init.d/ddclient restart

That’s it, your DynDNS is now updated from ddclient :)